For more than 185 years we have been experts in salt. Salt that keep the roads safer, the water softer, farming more profitable and food tastier.

We have been affected by war and other global crises but have remained true to this essential mineral throughout. Thanks to an accumulation of knowledge, dedication and experience we can deliver high quality salt products to markets worldwide. Now, with the fourth generation at its helm, we continue to build on a tradition of stability, security of supply and innovation - valuable elements in giving our customers the best possible service.


Salinity AB

  • Nellickevägen 20
  • 412 63 Göteborg
  • Sweden


Ab Hanson & Möhring

  • c/o Salinity AB
  • Nellickevägen 20
  • 412 63 Göteborg
  • Sweden


Salinity Deutschland GmbH

  • Baadenberger Str. 67 c
  • 50825 Köln
  • Germany


Salinity UK Ltd

  • PO Box 227
  • Didcot
  • Oxon OX11 1AB
  • United Kingdom


Salinity Poland

  • Ul. Wyszynskiego 48
  • 05-091 Zabki/Warsaw
  • Poland


Salinity China

  • B017, 44 Floor, Wanbang Plaza
  • No.2 HongKong Zhong Lu
  • Qingdao, 266071
  • China