After almost 200 years in the business, we dare to call ourselves experts in salt. And we truly love what we do, mostly because we have the privilege of working with one of the world’s most important raw materials. It is a passion that we are happy to share. From our hometown, Gothenburg, to a global market. With products used in sectors ranging from food and agriculture to road and industry.

Salt helps us to keep cows healthy, it reduces food waste and is used to manufacture everything from paper to glass.

A raw material
with many personalities

From underground desert seas to deposits from the age of the dinosaurs. For those of you curious about salt, there is a whole world to discover.

Did you know…

… that without salt, large parts of the industrial sector would stop working?

Four generations of salt traders

We have survived wars, financial crises and low herring catches and always stayed true to salt. Today, we use our experiences to deliver to markets worldwide.

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