We have always been a Swedish company. And today, almost half of all salt sold to the Swedish retail, catering and food industries comes from us. We provide products for healthy and plentiful agriculture and Salinity is also a leading supplier of de-icing salt.

Salt that saves lives

When the first snow falls, quick access to de-icing salt is a critical safety issue. Since the 1960s, we have helped prevent accidents with strategically placed salt stores around the country.

More flavour every day with Falksalt

Taste is Falksalt’s specialty – and has been for more than 90 years. And every sibling in the Falksalt family has their own special character and personality.

Naturally less sodium with SALTWELL

In the world’s driest place, in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, SALTWELL is extracted. Its unique salt crystals contain 35 percent less sodium than regular table salt – naturally.

Safesil nourishes modern agriculture

Safesil is an effective silage additive with salt-based preservatives that preserves nutrition in all kinds of crops and protects against mould, yeast and heating.

With Equisalt you get a salt lick for every need

Horses are different, just like us humans. In Equisalt’s product range you will find Swedish-made salt licks enriched with supplements for healthy, high-performing horses.