A salt story in four chapters

After almost 200 years in the business, we dare to call ourselves experts in salt. Over the years we have seen wars come and go. Followed the ups and downs of the salt market. Struggled. Celebrated. Today we are called Salinity and run by the fourth generation salt traders – with the same salty passion now as then.

Our story began on the three-masted bark, Skatan, where captain Olof August Hanson shipped salt for the trading company Wachenfeldt & Andersson in the 1800s. When the company was reformed in 1905, it was given the name Ab Hanson & Möhring and the captain’s son, Olof H Hanson, was appointed director.

Ab Hanson & Möhring has now become Salinity, still with the Hanson family firmly at the helm. 190 years have passed since we first started trading in salt and the fourth generation’s turn to pass on the salt heritage.